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Spore vials Magic Truffles

Millions of spores are dispersed in 10 ml of sterile water in each of the concentrated spore vials. The Amsterdam-based firm Mondo is a pioneer in the creation of premium spore bottles, spore syringes, and grow kits. Magic Mushroom has successfully produced millions of high-quality psilocybe mushroom spores in bottles after working for several years with mycologists and skilled mushroom growers.

We advise combining these spore bottles, which were made by professionals in a magic mushroom lab since they are so concentrated, with a Liquid Culture (nutrient medium). The liquid culture medium (LC) from Magic Mushroom increases the spores’ likelihood of germination and the formation of a robust mycelium. Production of psilocybe mushrooms is more likely when a liquid culture is used. Mycologists and seasoned mushroom growers frequently utilize Mondo Spore vials. A spore vial for producing hallucinogenic truffles is also available from Mondo.

What’s inside a Spore Vial?

Millions of mushroom spores are contained in Spore vials of Magic Truffles. But what are traces really? A mycelium produces a magic mushroom as its fruit. When the weather conditions are right, the psilocybe mushroom blooms. When the magic mushroom reaches full maturity, it will open its magic caps and release its spores onto the mycelium, which are often black in color. The nutritive medium and the mycelium nourish the spores. Spores from mushrooms are similar to plant seeds.

When should I use a spore syringe or a Psilocybe spore vial?

We advise choosing Mondo’s ready-made spore syringe solution if you do not yet have sufficient expertise in growing magic mushrooms. These spores are easy to use and prepared. Liquid culture is advised since a Mondo spore vial is too concentrated to drop straight into the substrate. The spore vial is not actually made ready for use by these sorts of operations. These are therefore more suited for an accomplished mushroom grower. If you are confident in your abilities, we advise selecting a spore vial with liquid culture media. In addition to accelerating spore germination, this combination lowers the number of spores per drop of dosage. This proves that a single spore vial may indeed produce kilograms of psilocybe mushrooms.