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Mescaline Cacti

In the West, mescaline cacti are practically unknown. However, middle and south America have long utilised it. Our internet store offers mescaline cactus for sale. the San Pedro cactus, among other cacti.

Why do mescaline cacti exist?

You might not buy this unique tiny cactus online if you have never heard of it. However, we will now explain why purchasing mescaline cactus online is a good idea. San Pedro and Peyote are the two main varieties of mescaline cactus. These cacti exhibit a variety of psychedelic effects that can be comparable to those of LSD and magic mushrooms. It has been utilised for religious ceremonies and leisure activities in Middle America for millennia. The experience of using mescaline cacti for a trip may be quite deep and mystical. We do not advise beginning with mescaline cactus if you have never taken any kind of psychedelic medication.

How are mescaline cacti used?

The mescaline cactus may be eaten much like magic mushrooms. Don’t worry if the mescaline cactus is really bitter; this only means it has a lot of mescaline and will give you a greater trip. There aren’t many psychotropic compounds in the cactus if it doesn’t taste bitter. The mescaline cactus may also be dried and used to create tea if you don’t want to consume it. You’ll need roughly 300 milligrammes of mescaline to get high. You will need roughly 20 grammes of dried peyote cactus once you get it. 30 grammes are required for a stronger high. It might be a little more difficult if you have the San Pedro cactus because you just need the peels. Therefore, we advise starting with 7 grammes and gradually increasing the amount until you have a trip. After 30 minutes, the journey begins and lasts up to 16 hours. Following two or four hours after intake, the high will set in.